Source: JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Suspended Liberty attorney Robert J. Young II, currently in federal prison after being sentenced in 2018 on an obstruction of justice charge for stealing victim restitution funds, has been disbarred following a Jan. 14 Missouri Supreme Court order.

The state high court’s order came after the office of chief disciplinary counsel has filed a motion for final discipline against Young, who also was ordered to pay all costs in the matter.

In March 2018, Young, 49, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Beth Phillips to three years and a month in federal prison without parole, according to a U.S. Department of Justice news release. His sentencing followed a one-day bench trail in November, after which he was found guilty on obstruction of justice charge.

Young’s conviction stemmed from his representation of ***** in *****’s own conviction for mail fraud after he embezzled funds from his employer, according to the DOJ’s news released.

“Young obstructed justice by embezzling money that was given to him by ******’s family for the purpose of paying restitution to the victim in the criminal case,” the release said. “Young instead made numerous transfers of restitution funds into his personal bank account. Young then spent restitution funds to purchase a motorcycle for himself, to make numerous cash withdrawals, to make rent payments and to make retail purchases.”

Young embezzled more than $62,000 from *****’s family, an amount that eventually was repaid, according to the release.

By the time Young was indicted in November 2016, 11 complaints, including the *****’, were pending with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, according to the DOJ’s release.

Young, suspended in September 2017, currently is housed in the federal correctional institution in Memphis, according to an online Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate search. His release dated is scheduled Jan. 18, 2021.